The Paperwork Collective 

The Paperwork Collective mission is to transform the world through the beauty of eco-friendly and ethically sourced stationary.


Ethically Sourced 

With a deep respect for people, plant and the wildlife, it was essential that the products came from ethical sources. Preferring locally sourced material but not always being able to source products, we assisted the client minimising their impact through leveraging a global distribution system and investing in eco-friendly policies. 

Multi-Channel e-commerce

With a vision for the future and a profound realisation that consumers expected seamless flow in their purchase decisions,  The Paperwork Collective set out to create a Multi-Channel e-commerce system. This system consisted of social media e-commerce through Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook as well as a standard e-commerce website.  



Triple Bottom Line 

As a social enterprise, The Paperwork Collective is about market-oriented, innovative approaches to environmental and ethical products and services. With the aim to transform the world the company financial policy aims to benefit first people, then places, and lastly profits.