Power2Motivate (P2M) is a global leader in customer loyalty and employee recognition programmes. The B2B nature of their business means there are extremely specific customer segments. 

The first steps in the process involved researching P2M customer segments and product offering. During this time I conversed with members of the marketing and sales teams to get ideas of whom the customer was and drew upon the CRM system for data. The next involved ideating about the mental models of these customer segments. From what they are thinking about to how they want to present themselves at work. Particular attention was focused to how they gather information as these where the important avenues for the marketing team. Lastly, I reached out to people in similar professions to find similar patterns in their business assumptions, goals, and frustrations. At the same time, I was concerned with what P2M salespeople would want to know as a way to start business conversations. 

Building the persona’s was a project in breaking down each section from using data to construct a base, mental models to understand their state of mind, and lastly overlay that with their professional aspirations and challenges.


This was a concept but was never implemented.