Book Review: Visibility Marketing


"To be found - be interesting" - David Avrin.

David Avrin new book is a fresh take on marketing in the modern age. Covering more than just tactics Avrin delves into how to develop strategies for you and your company to gain more visibility and more sales. 

Starting off with a jock shock statement "Your marketing probably sucks" Avrin examines what is working in the world of today. His first argument is evident; companies are not doing marketing well. The lack of marketing quality is apparent to anybody who travels (one of his pet peeves) to people who are promised one thing and given another by so many companies. The old way of marketing is dead in the modern age - we must be better. 

Instead, Avrin says we must understand that everyone in the marketplace is good at what they do. Your value proposition is not unique, and quality, excellent customer service, and a good product are just to the entry fee so you can play the game. You have to figure out what you are better at and if not you better develop something fast. 

How do you develop something you are better at doing? You regularly listen to your customer and find out how they want to do things. And with that knowledge, you build something better than they ever imagined. For example, if your customer wants to chat with a real person, why force them to fill out a web form. You are just making it hard for them to reach out and do business - you are not visible. 

I recommend you check out David Avrin book for yourself. It's a quick read, and his youtube is full of the helpful tip.